Urban Roots, a newly established online plant store, sought to create a distinctive brand identity and an appealing e-commerce website to cater to plant enthusiasts. Their vision was to offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor plants, gardening supplies, and expert advice for plant care.


1.  Brand Identity: Develop a unique and memorable brand identity that encapsulates the essence of nature, growth, and the love of plants.
2. Website Development: Create an intuitive and visually engaging e-commerce website that offers a seamless shopping experience for customers.
3. Content: Optimize the website content for search engines to attract organic traffic and enhance user engagement.
4. Mobile Responsiveness: Ensure the website’s compatibility with various devices and screen sizes for a broad user base.
5. E-commerce Functionality: Implement secure payment options, an easy-to-navigate catalog, and an efficient checkout proces


We started by understanding Urban Roots’ values, mission, and target audience. We then created a brand strategy that focused on natural elements, emphasizing growth and a minimalistic city look. The following steps were taken:

We designed a logo featuring a  minima lineart tree with branches resembling a buildings floors. A harmonious palette of earthy greens and soothing browns was chosen to evoke a sense of serenity and natural harmony and also combination of modern and elegant fonts was selected to maintain a balance between accessibility and sophistication.