Rojo is a mother and daughter newly open cake and bakery. Their passion comes from the enjoyment of freshly roast coffee acompanied by a sweet taste.  So they decided to create a sweet taste of their own and share it with the world. From mini eclairs to wedding cakes and pastry they cover a large variety o traditional and modern delicious products all made with love.


The first step was to design a logomark that represents the family name and that also has an incence of freshly roasted coffee. To achieve that we used a typeface that resembles the stencils from Columbian coffee bags combined with a vintage coffee shop street sign feel.

Website Solution

Following along we set up an elegant website where customers can have a closer views at each individual product, learn more about the bakery and of course order online their desired goodies.


All of the Rojo specialities have to be delivered and packed in a suitable maner so we really took advantage of that RED and created a minimalistic pattern that represents all the good things that ROjo is all about: Cakes, pastry, coffee and love.